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Keep Big Spring Beautiful

Monthly Meeting

Cactus Room

Monday, October 7, 2013

12:00 noon

Salad Bar $5.00
Full Buffet $6.00



EVERYONE is encouraged to deposit their aluminum cans at 2000 S. Goliad St. (place cans in big basket container near the blue dumpster in the south parking lot.)



Keep Big Spring Beautiful gets “Gold Star” Recognition

Keep Big Spring Beautiful once again received “Gold Star” recognition from Keep Texas Beautiful. The status is an important honor for our local organization because it indicates that we are active in many ways in promoting, educating and DOING beautification in the community. Keep Big Spring Beautiful regularly conducts education and training, submits activity reports and organizes community clean-ups like “Love Our Lake” and the “Trash Off”. This and more, plus payment of dues to Keep Texas Beautiful are what make Keep Big Spring Beautiful eligible for the special “Gold Star” recognition. Congratulations to the K.B.S.B. organization, and all the volunteers who continue to help KEEP Big Spring Beautiful!



(AUSTIN, TEXAS) - Keep America Beautiful, the nation's largest
volunteer-based community action and education organization, recently
recognized Texas organizations, schools, and agencies with 19 national
awards for their commitment to beautification, waste reduction, and litter

Go to www.ktb.org/press/07kabwinners.htm to
read and to see a list of winners.

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