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Cleanup Committee

Cleanups address the symptom - litter - rather than the problem itself - littering. Combined with education, cleanups can be an effective tool for raising awareness about the litter problem. Although most Cleanup Committees focus on an event like the Don't MEss with Texas Trash-Off, we encourage our affiliates to also include education and on-going programs like Adopt-a-Highway in the focus of this committee or others.

Beautification Committee

A Beautification Committee may focus on:

-landscaping projects
-tree planting programs and initiatives
-wildflower planting
-quality of life projects, such as:
-parks development and improvements
-downtown rehabilitation
-historic preservation and restoration

Public Awareness Committee

The goal of an effective public awareness compaign is to reach the entire community with your message in a way that it becomes understood and supported by the public.

Education/Schools Committee

Education is the foundation to changing attitudes about community appearance and litter. Education may be divided in Adult/Community education and School/Youth education. The education committee carries out a vital role in the long-term success of the affiliate.

Fundraising/Finance Committee

The Fundraising/Finance Committee oversees your organization's financial operations. If your bylaws do not indicate who will prepare your annual budget, the task can be assigned to this committe.

A Fundraising/Finance Committee may focus on:

-planning innovative fundraisers
-seeking government and private sector funding
-overseeing a membership program

Recycling Committee

Responsible solid waste disposal conserves valuable landfill space, energy and natural resources, and reduces trash in the litter stream. The U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency recommends an "integrated waste menagment system" combining six basic elements:

-source reduction
-resource recovery

Your community should attempt to address all six elements.

Civic/Neighborhood Committee

A Civic/Neighborhood Committee may focus on involving all civic organizations and neighborhood groups in your Keep Texas Beautiful organization. Members may represent:

-civic organizations
-professional organizations
-Junior League
-senior citizen groups

Business and Industry Committee

A Business and Industry Committee may focus on:

-targeting all business to do clean-ups on their own property
-sponsering beautifaction projects
-encouraging planting on business premises
-encouraging solid waste planning and recycling in all businesses

Law Enforcement/Municipal Committee

Well-publicized enforcement of your community's littler laws is an important deterrent to littering. An effective enforcement program involves:

-updated, enforceable ordinances governing proper disposal of solid waste at its sources
-littler law enforcement
-citizen awareness of litter laws

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